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You Say “Aggressive” – I Say “Self-Confident”

Words are the tools of our trade; an effective attorney knows how to verbally paint the picture they want others to see.  Advocacy Words: A Thesaurus, by William Drennan, is a little book which will help you find just the right word.  It has two separate word lists, “Favorable-Critical” and “Critical-Favorable”, which suggest alternative words that “spin” your original word into your side of the argument.  So why let the prosecution call your client “cowardly” when you can say she’s “prudent”.  Check the book out for more word tips like this, K50 .D74 2005.  (Post – Stacy)

Telling Our Story: Unsung Heroes and Heroines Conference

USC’s College of Arts & Sciences is celebrating the 35th Anniversary of its African American Studies Program with a two-day conference (Thursday, Oct. 12 & Fri. Oct 13) titled Telling Our Story: Unsung Heroes and Heroines Conference. The panel discussion, “South Carolina Civil Rights Movement: Local People Telling Their Stories,” is from 2-5 p.m. today at the Russell House Theatre. Tonight’s panel will address “Voices of the Civil Rights Movement: Teaching the 1960s Freedom Struggle,” from 7-9 p.m. in the Belk Auditorium, Darla Moore School of Business. The final session of the conference is tomorrow from 2:15-5:00 titled “The Intellectual Current: Identity, History, Culture; Organizing Community: Where Do We Go From Here.” For more information, go to . (Post-Terrye)

To All Students – Lexis Training

Here is a note from Danielle Eckelt, our Lexis representative.
I wanted to let you know that on Oct. 19 from 12:40-1:30 I will be holding another Lexis Lunch & Learn. I will cover
federal & state statutes/regs & secondary sources. I will provide lunch for the students. In addition, students will receive 100 Lexis points for attending. Students can sign up at: The class is already posted on MySchool.
(post – del)

First Monday in October!!

Today is the first Monday in October which means that it is the traditional opening day of the new United States Supreme Court term (2006-2007).  Today’s opening is different from other years as it coincides with Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement; the Justices will not hear any arguments but will only issue orders and swear in attorneys.  Because of the new Justices all eyes will be on the “new Court” this term to see how it handles upcoming cases on the environment, affirmative action, abortion, prison sentences, immigrants, and the size of jury awards.  (Post – Stacy)

Legal History (Week of October 2)

Oct. 2, 1967 – First African-American Supreme Court justice sworn in

Oct. 3, 1995 – O.J. Simpson jury gives verdict

Oct. 4, 1988 – Televangelist indicted

Oct. 5, 1953 – New Supreme Court Chief Justice sworn in

Oct. 7, 1988 – Mike Tyson in divorce court

Oct. 9, 1934 – Indictment in Lindbergh kidnapping case

Get the whole scoop at the Tidbits of Interesting Legal History page. (Post – Stacy)