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New and Improved Law Library Website!

The Law Library is pleased to announce the unveiling of its new and improved website.  A lot of work by the law library staff and the webmaster has resulted in a site that not only has a simpler and cleaner look, but is also organized in a much more user-friendly manner.  The days of “I know stuff is there but I don’t know how to find it” are now over.  There’s an incredible amount of resources available via the Law Library’s website, so do yourself a favor and get to know it.  And watch for other coming improvements! (post – Stacy


Terms and Connectors Tutorials

Would you like to sharpen your terms and connectors searching skills? Try the following tutorials:  
Go to your LexisNexis for Law Schools home page.  Under “LexisNexis for Students” on the left, select “Learning LexisNexis.” On the “Learning LexisNexis” page, click on “Tutorials & Tours.” Under “Learn the Basics,” you’ll find a link to the “Terms & Connectors Searching” tutorial. There’s also a tutorial for “Starting Your Brief/Memo” under “Acquiring Expertise.”
Westlaw also provides a “Searching with Terms and Connectors” tutorial.  Go to and click on the “Westlaw Training” tab toward the top of the page.  Under “Basic Westlaw Tutorials” in the right hand column, select “Westlaw tutorials.” Choose Audio or No-Audio and find “Searching with Terms and Connectors” among the list of tutorials.  (Post-Terrye)

Carolina Card Copying Option

As we posted earlier, the library has added a Carolina card reader to one of the copiers in the library. The closest machines to add money to your Carolina card are at the Russell House and Thomas Cooper Library.  Students also have the option of going to VIP and adding money to their card by choosing the Financial Tab then clicking on the CarolinaCard Options. They will see the credit card option to add money to their card. There is no transaction fee and the minimum amount is 10.00. We hope that this helps in your copying. (post-del)

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The website for Stanford University’s Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute, as part of its King Papers Project, provides links to a biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the text of his speeches, text and audio excerpts from his sermons, and a bibliography of works by and about King and the Freedom Movement. The Seattle Times Martin Luther King Jr. & the Civil Rights Movement website includes a timeline of key events in King’s life, along with a selection of speeches, sermons, letters, and a wonderful photo gallery depicting King’s struggle for civil rights. (Post-Terrye)

What’s New in the Library ?

Looking for something new in the library? I have added a new page to the Blawg; New Acquisitions List. All new materials to the library will be announced monthly. We will be reviewing  the materials and posting our comments on the Book Reviews page of the Blawg. Check out the new acquisitions list and see what is new and available.  The new page contains a link to the most recent new acquisitions of the law library. The list includes all new books, journals, microform/fiche materials, electronic books, and serials. Contact the circulation desk to access these materials. Click on the following link to review the new materials acquisition list, ( )  or go to the New Acquisitions page of the Blawg.  (post-del)        


New Law Center Hours

Starting in January, the Campus Security guards that patrol the Law School building will now be locking all the doors except the handicapped entrance at 9:00p. To be allowed to enter the building after that time, a person will need to present a valid USC faculty, staff, or student ID or a valid SC Bar card. The Law Library will still be open the full regular hours and anyone who enters the building to use the library before 9:00p will not be asked to leave. We do not think this poses a problem of lack of access by the public, since we are open from 7a to 9p (or later if one enters before 9p) and that seems like sufficient time.

However, given the problems and property crime that we have experienced in and around the building over the last several years, especially considering our location on the edge of the campus and the concerns we have for the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, this seems a reasonable restriction. So don’t forget to bring your ID with you if you realize after 9:00p that you must retrieve the stack of cases that you sent to the Lexis printer at lunch in order to be ready for class the next day.

Welcome Back Students!!!!

In your absence, we have been working feverously to give you more services. To make your copying easier you can now use your Carolina card in the Law Library. A Carolina card reader has been attached to one of the copiers in the library. We are in the process of updating the Blawg and the law library web page. Look for changes in the next week.  (Post-del)