Monthly Archives: February 2007

Attention 1Ls – Got Issues?

No, not emotional issues – legal issues?

Are you working on your brief and feeling just a little rusty with legal research?  Do you have a great case, but don’t quite remember how to get other cases like it?  Have you got an issue, but can’t track it down?  Well, don’t worry, because we’re having a seminar on just that topic.  If you’d like a little legal research refresher course then join us on Thursday, Feb. 15th, in Room 230 from 12:45 to 1:30.  It’ll be a BYOL affair (Bring Your Own Lunch), but if provoked we might be nice enough to bring cookies.  (Post – Stacy)

Compete for a Cause

UNC Chapel Hill is leading the Oxfam America Collegiate Click Drive to “lift struggling individuals and families out of poverty and promote international development.” More importantly, last year’s winner, Furman University, is beating USC. We have until March 30th to visit  and click twice a day (per computer) to have corporate sponsors donate 25 cents per click for microfinance loans (small and cottage business loans to the poor with little or no collateral). Start clicking! (Post-Terrye)

Lexis and Westlaw – Together, Again!

In a karmic convergence of online legal vendorness, academic reps from both Westlaw and Lexis will be conducting trainings at the law school this week.  Danielle Eckelt will be giving a special training on Lexis’s new Shepards Briefsuite on Tuesday, February 13; both a free lunch and bonus points will be served.  Rodman Smythe will be conducting Westlaw Certification Courses on Tuesday (case law), Wednesday (statutes), and Thursday (secondary sources), with three sessions a day for each day’s topic (with pizza!).  Take advantage of these trainings if you can, they’re helpful for both school and jobs.  For times and rooms, check your USC page on the Westlaw and Lexis websites.  (Post – Stacy)

Social Hosts Liable in S.C.

The S.C. Supreme Court decided yesterday to prospectively recognize the following common law duty:

“An adult social host who knowingly and intentionally serves , or causes to  be served, an alcoholic beverage to a person he knows or reasonably should know is between the ages of 18 and 20 is liable to the person served and to any other person for damages proximately resulting from the host’s service of alcohol.”  

Justice Pleicones delivered the opinion.

Both the House and Senate in S.C. are considering bills that would extend criminal liability to social hosts. (Post-Terrye)