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Where do all these cases come from?

Typically, the process begins with an appeal. Both parties file briefs and present their respective written and oral arguments before an appellate court. The court then issues its opinion. Law students are required to read these opinions ad nauseam. 

If you can find just a little time to put it all in perspective, try listening to or viewing actual oral arguments via the Internet. For instance, audio tapes of U.S. Supreme Court arguments are available through The Oyez Project. Or, watch the streaming video of cases argued before the S.C. Supreme Court, posted monthly on the SC Judicial Department’s Case of the Month website. (Posted-Terrye) 


Welcome back to all returning students and hello to all of the new students. We have been very busy over the summer with presentations and classes and not as diligent at updating the Blawg. We will be updating the blawg regularly the rest of the year.

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