Monthly Archives: February 2008

South Carolina Attorney General Opinions

The SC Attorney General Opinions had disappeared from the office’s website, which made this Public Services/Reference Librarian very unhappy. Well, at least the current (2007-2008) ones are back via a link for Opinions on the SC Attorney General’s Homepage. Perhaps next we could make the opinions going back to 1959 free and accessible to SC citizens. Those able to subscribe to Westlaw, Lexis or Casemaker (attorneys) can access them with their subscription. SC lawyers get Casemaker with their bar dues. (Post-Terrye) 

Hein Online and the Congressional Record

We’re all accustomed to using Hein Online to access the scanned pages of law review articles, particularly those pre-dating Westlaw and Lexis coverage. And by now, most of us know to check Hein Online for the digitized images of the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations. But, did you know that Hein Online is in the process of adding U.S. Congressional debates to its collections? To access the Congressional Record in Hein Online, click on the link for U.S. Congressional Documents.  (Post-Terrye)