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Staying Current – Blawgs & RSS Feeds

Staying current is an essential requirement of all law students and lawyers. There are a number of blawgs that will help you stay current with legal issues. See the following for lists of specialty blawgs.

          ABA Journal’s Blawg Directory.

          Blawg is an extensive directory of legal blogs. It is searchable and can also be browsed by category. Blogs are ranked by popularity. A search feature (“Search the blawgosphere”) enables you to search blog posts. Every blog listing has an RSS feed, which makes subscribing convenient.

          BlawgSearch is another directory of legal blogs. As the name suggests, it makes searching blog posts easy.

          Law X.0’s Taxonomy of Legal Blogs is a selective directory. You can choose by topic, by jurisdiction, by type of author, etc.

RSS feeds – (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication Format) also keep you current by sending you

          summaries of changing web content

          News related websites and weblogs

See the RSS symbol on a blawg or news service indicates that an RSS alert is available.  See

The Virtual Chase RSS News Feeds for Law –  or

The government website –  for a list of RSS feeds to stay current on specific topics.  (Post- David)

S.C. Self-Represented Litigant Simple Divorce Packet

The S.C. Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission, along with S.C. Legal Services, the S.C. Bar and S.C. Court Administration, have just finalized the  Self-Represented Litigant Simple Divorce Packet. The Packet provides instructions and forms for plaintiffs and defendants who cannot afford an attorney but would like to file for divorce based on one-year continuous separation. These forms have been approved by the S.C. Supreme Court. They are available in Word and PDF on the South Carolina Judicial Departments website at The SC Bar’s Public Services page also includes a link to the Packet at  

We applaud their hard work and dedication. The Self-Represented Litigant Simple Divorce Packet is a big step forward for access to legal information in South Carolina. (Post-TC)