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Library Blawg Contest – Find the Answers

The Library has a blawg contest with prizes. (See The box at the circulation desk.)


– Get a Card at the Reference desk in the Law Library. •Include: –Your Name, email,  and Class ( 1L – 2L or 3L.)

–All of the answers (1-4) to the questions from the Cocky Law Blawg. –

–  Drop the card in the box at the Circulation Desk.

-All cards must be submitted by September 5st.

– We will pick two correct answers at random. •We will notify the winners.

 – Note: Winners will need to sign a receipt for their prize.

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The South Carolina State House: Are You Connected?

Did you know there is a South Carolina State House Student Connection Website? Hey, you’re never too old to learn. The FAQs are pretty cool (Find them under cool stuff)!

What does the SC Legislature do? The Student Connection website gives it to you in a nutshell.  If you want the detailed version of our legislative process, try the 35 page pamphlet published by the clerk of the SC House of Representatives.

If you wish to peruse Acts passed in 2009 and those still pending, check out the SC Bar’s Legislative Information webpage.  (Post-TC)

Labor Day weekend hours

The Law Library will be open the following hours over the Labor Day weekend:
Friday, Sept.4       7:00am-9:00pm
Saturday, Sept.5  10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, Sept.6      1:00pm-9:00pm
Monday, Sept.7    1:00pm-9:00pm

Regular hours will resume on Tuesday, Sept.8.

Not Exactly Like Vegas

What happens on your social networking site does not always stay there (exclusively).  A recent case from the Eastern District of Virginia points up the fact that one’s virtual life and one’s literal life don’t always mix well. The plaintiff was a law student at a private law school in Virginia. A photo that he posted on a social-networking site had unexpected consequences.

Read all about it at:  2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 51501.  (Research hint:  plug this citation into the “Get A Document” function.)

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Questions for Library Blawg Contest!

Here are the questions for the 1L Blawg contest. Answers are due by September 5th at 5:00 PM.

1.  What is the definition of “American Digest System” given in Southern Illinois University School of Law Library’s Glossary of Legal Research Terms posted by Terrye Conroy?

2.    How many entries are updated on HeinOnline in the Subject Compilations of State Laws Database? (8-17-09 Post) 

3.    There is a post on a Dreadlock decision from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  What is the Public Law number of the Act referenced in the post? (Linked)

4.    From Which District Court was the case appealed to the 4th circuit?  (Linked)

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An easy way to improve law school grades

Advice from The Volokh Conspiracy, a blog written by law professors.  If they don’t know how to get good grades, who does?

(1) Take at least one class with a paper requirement/option. (2) Get to work on the paper right away. (3) Ask the professor in advance if he will give you comments on your paper if you get him a draft early enough, say, by Thanksgiving. (4) Finish a draft paper by Thanksgiving, and give it to the professor for comments. (Don’t forget to consult Eugene’s* book!) (5) Edit the paper based on your professor’s comments. If you put some effort into the paper, and paid attention to his comments, you will get a good grade, and very possibly a great grade. (6) Because you have finished the bulk of the work on your paper before Thanksgiving, use the extra time to study for your exams.

*Eugene Volokh, Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, Seminar Papers, and Getting on Law Review (2nd ed. 2005).


EarthTrends – environmental information from the World Resources Institute

This web site compiles environmental informaiton from various government sources.  This “comprehensive online database, maintained by the World Resources Institute, that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world”  was recently rated as one of the 25 best reference sources on the Web by the New York Public Library.  (post – DEA)

Geneva Conventions — 60th Anniversary

Wed, August 12th, 2009 was the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Geneva Conventions. A landmark in international humanitarian law, these series of treaties, have been the basis for the law of armed conflict in the 20th (post-WW II) and 21st centuries. 

The text of the Geneva Conventions (and related information) are located on the web site of the International Committee of the Red Cross here:

The ICRC provides a synopsis of the principles of international humanitarian law here:

The government of Switzerland is the depositary (the custodian) of the Geneva Conventions.  The custodian’s web site is here:

The Swiss Government’s web site celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions is here:

Finally, the ICRC’s web site on the 60th anniversary is here:

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Mandatory WEXIS Training for 1L Students – New Classrooms

This year there is a mandatory training requirement for all 1L students. Check your group number for the  right time and place. Each Legal Research professor will  be sending you an email telling you the right time also. Here is the schedule:



 Here is the new schedule.

 Groups 1 – 4

 Legal Writing Professors:  Virzi – Baker

 Legal Research Professors:  Maxwell – Conroy 

Westlaw Training:        Friday, August 28th            (12:40 to 1:40 in Room 135)

Lexis Training:             Wednesday, August 26th   (12:40 to 1:40 in Room 236) 

 Groups 5 – 8

 Legal Writing Professors:  Luthy – Milligan  

Legal Research Professors:  Melton – Lehmann

Westlaw Training:       Wednesday, August 26th   (12:40 to 1:40 in Room 230)

Lexis Training:          Thursday, August 27th       (12:40 to 1:40 in Room 138)

 Groups 9 – 12

 Legal Writing Professors:  Leventis – Dalzell

Legal Research Professors:  Alford – Maxwell – Melton

Westlaw Training:       Thursday, August 27th   (12:40 to 1:40 in Room 135)

Lexis Training:             Friday, August 28th         (12:40 to 1:40 in Room 138)

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Fall 2009 Library Hours are Now in Effect

The library hours are as follows:

Monday – Wednesday: 7 AM to 11:00 PM

Thursday: 7 AM to 10:00 PM

Friday: 7 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday: 9 AM to 9:00 PM

Sunday: 1 PM to 11:00 PM

NOTE: Reference Assistance will be available Monday through Friday till 5:00 PM.

NOTE: Admittance to the law school building after 9:00 PM is restricted to USC faculty, staff, students, and members of the bar with proper ID. (Post – del)