Study Aids for Smart Phones

Looking for a handy way to review while at the beach over spring break?  Of course, you are!  The current RIPS blog post discusses more iPhone apps, including some study aids.

“The Law in a Flash flash cards carry an average price of $31.99 (only Professional Responsibility comes in higher at $47.99). Functionality includes shuffle mode and the ability to make notes on the cards. The downside to purchasing study aids in this format, though, is resale. Once you’ve purchased these flash cards, they are yours. An upside to this is that when it comes time to study for the bar, buyers will have one additional study resource. iPhoneJD has a review.

For the aural learners, West has made its Sum & Substance audio resources available as an app. Consult the West website for topics available. Prices range from $49.99 to $59.99. Again, like the flash cards, once buyers purchase, there is no resale.”