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New Law Review Blog

Here is an interesting concept; a law review blog.  The Legal Workshop   aggregates the work of member law reviews, Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, NYU, Northwestern, Stanford, and the University of Chicago. The Legal Workshop is able to provide updated content more frequently than standard law review publications.  New article-based content is posted every Monday and most Wednesdays and Fridays. The site describes itself as, ” … a one-stop forum for readers wishing to stay abreast of contemporary legal scholarship.”  One good point about this site is that readers are able to offer comments and academics have the option of submitting response pieces.  [Note: the site  notices that responses will be checked for citations and substance before publishing] This site offers a good place to check for new authoritative materials and scholarly discussion. (Post-DEL)

Looking for Government Statistics on the Web?

There are numerous places to find government statistics on  the web.  Try some of the following if you are looking for stats.

– This site has statistics from more than 100 agencies available;  The U.S. Department of Commerce, access to authoritative business, trade, and economic information from across the Federal government;  General statistic on many issues;  A great place for labor statistics and more. They also have assembled links to other helpful statistics such as Department of Health.  The site has also prepared links to a list of countries for International Statistical Agencies and International Organizations statistics. (Post-DEL)

Interested in New Supreme Court Nominee

If you are interested in learning more about the new Supreme Court Nominee Ellen Kagan or want to follow the progress of the nomination check out this website  at the University of Michigan,, managed by  reference librarian Kincaid Brown.

The University of Michigan release states that. “The web page includes biographical information about Elena Kagan, links to her authored works, transcripts of speeches and links to her earlier confirmation hearings to Solicitor General. The site will be updated as new information becomes available. When the confirmation hearings begin the site will also include links to the hearing transcripts.” This looks like a good site  to visit to stay current on this issue. (Post-DEL)

The Circuit Riders Visit Greenville County Library

We had a record number of workshop participants in Greenville last Friday! Librarians came from four different Greenville County branch locations. Their law library, located on the second floor of the main Hughes Library in downtown Greenville, was moved from the courthouse a few years ago. We were impressed with its print collection of primary and secondary legal resources and the fact that Greenville County patrons have  access to Westlaw online. Thanks Greenville. Next stop–Winthrop University’s Dacus Library in Rock Hill on May 28th. (Post-TC)

Bar exam apps for smartphones

Just in time for bar exam season, the current issue of the ABA Journal has an article about several companies that are offering bar exam apps for the iPhone.  BarMax, BAR/BRI, and Emanual Bar Review offer downloadable  bar exam prep applications.  Portability is key. “Few students want to lug around heavy books, when course materials instead can be digitized for a cellphone that slips easily into a purse or pocket, [app developers] say.”  But convenience comes at a price.  The BarMax app, at $1000.00, is the most expensive app in Apple’s App Store.


My Little Pony

Ever heard of the “three pony rule” of determining child support? It stands for the premise that, while children have a right to share in the lifestyle of their parents, the amount of child support set should have a rational and reasonable relation to the realistic needs of the child. No child, no matter how wealthy his or her parents, needs to be provided more than three ponies. Read all about it in Downing v. Downing, 45 S.W.3d 449 (Ky. Ct. App. 2001).


Cyberlaw Blawg

For those of you who follow Cyber law,  like myself,  here is a good blawg. It comes to me from Inter-alia ( which monitors blawgs and keeps me advised on what the current trend is in legal cyber law decisions.

Cyberlaw Cases ( tracks the law  and gives analysis of cases. It encompasses copyright, trademark, and patent cases that have a significant connection to the area. The blawg also maintains a list of the top 10 pending cyberlaw cases with analysis and links to other resources discussing the cases. This blawg is a good place to look to keep current in the area. (Post-DEL)