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Grammar “fail” at NYS Board of Law Examiners

Oh, my.  This grammar fanatic had a nearly fatal case of the vapors after reading the following notice posted on the New York State Board of Law Examiners website.  These are the people who test for competency to practice law in New York?  In one paragraph, we find incorrect subject-verb agreement, nonsense, misspelled words, and the use of the singular when the plural is called for.  Somebody needs a remedial legal writing class.

It has been replaced by announcements about the February bar exam results and the upcoming July bar exam, but it was captured by the Above the Law blog here. [PRM]

Blog Law Blog

Here is another blog that is a very good source of commentary and interesting legal information.   I peruse recommended blog lists and one that I find a lot of good sources is Inter Alia.  Tom Mighell is good at picking interesting blogs. One that he likes and I do too is Blog Law Blog, This is a very thought provoking blog that contains a variety of interesting legal news, legal cases, and legal items gathered from various law blogs. This is a great compendium of legal topics. [DEL]

Moderation In All Things

In 1982, the Supreme Court of Georgia ruled that if a person shoots and fatally wounds another, even in self-defense, the shooter is not entitled to continue putting bullets into the victim. Read all about it in Brown v. State, 249 Ga. 805. Use the citation information to locate the case in print, or use the party names or citation information to locate the case in your favorite search engine.


Circuit Riders Visits Newberry

The Circuit Riders visited Newberry County’s Hal Kohn Memorial Library last Friday for our second Legal Research for Non-Law Librarians workshop this year. Not only does Newberry County add another judicial circuit (the 8th) to our list of workshop locations, it  is also the home of South Carolina’s first self-help center.

In February, the SC Supreme Court approved the Newberry County Self-Help Center Pilot Program to be located at the Newberry County Courthouse. The Newberry County Self- Help Center (SHC) is a 2-year pilot program that will be administered by the SC Access to Justice Commission with the assistance of the Newberry County Clerk of Court staff and attorney volunteers. The SHC will offer basic legal information, access to court-approved forms, and referrals to community legal services.

The SHC will also host workshops and free legal clinics. In fact, SC Legal Services is conducting a free Divorce Clinic at the Newberry County Courthouse on April 27th. (Post-TC)

Looking for a Good Law Librarian Blog?

Michelle Crosby from North Carolina Central School of Law Library has a great blog for law librarians, User Education in Law Librarianship Blog.  The blog promotes itself as “…designed to relay information to law librarians and people working in law libraries to share and develop ideas that help us teach and reach our patron base.” There are a lot of good posts here and links to research guides. One of the better guides is a list of research guides from all ABA accredited law schools. The law school guides cover the gamut of topics. Some of the  law school guides are quite comprehensive; while others are not as complete or up to date. However, it is a good list to work with in your search for information.

This guide and three other guides, PowerPoint How Tos, Guide to Better Google Searches, and  SSRN Guide are collected at: [DEL]