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Library – Not for books?

The University of Denver is another library considering the place of books in the library! The library is undergoing a renovation and upon completion, 80% of the library’s holdings will be stored 10 miles away in an off-campus storage facility. The renovation includes adding an “Academic Commons” with more seating, group space, and technological capacity. This change highlights the debate about whether the traditional function of storing books needs to happen on campus. See

The library will  keep only a “…teaching collection carefully built with the input of faculty, especially those in the social sciences and humanities who depend in both teaching and research on monographs as the key form of scholarly communication.” The rest of the collections would be deliverable within two or three hours of a request. Inside Higher education is spotlighting this issue. For more details, see No Room for Books,

Is this a trend? [DEL]

Bedside Manner

Will a physician’s extramarital affair with a patient’s wife trigger a professional negligence action? Not according to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. The court held that, while such a relationship might be unethical, the physician’s duty of care to his patient did not prohibit an extramarital affair. The case is Long v. Ostroff, 854 A.2d 524 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2004). Research hint: use the citation information to locate the case in print, or use the citation information or party names to locate the case with your favorite online service.

The Buzzard Exception

A Louisiana appeals court concluded that, assuming arguendo the duty of a municipality to remove large animal carcasses from the sides of roadways, this duty did not include protecting motorists from damage caused by buzzards that gather to feed on such carcasses and then fly up into the paths of passing vehicles. Read all about it in Allison v. City of Baton Rouge, 439 So.2d 570 (La. App. 1 Cir. 1983). Research hint: Use the citation information to locate the case in print, or use the citation or party names to locate it in your favorite online service.

Research Guide Blog

This is an interesting concept; a blog that operates as an update for a research guide. The blog tracks the research guide and shows all of the changes that have been added. It also gives explanations to the resources on the guide. The research guide is  Zimmerman’s Research Guide (  It has been around for a long time and most of us use it as a designated resource for legal research. It was created by Andrew Zimmerman. His new blog is called the ZRG Blog (  It looks like a great adjunct to his research guide. [DEL]

Foreign Legal Dictionaries

Yesterday May 2, 2011 was the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James version of the Holy Bible, one of the most prominent and influential translations of the sacred text of Christianity. Globalization has similarly prompted the need for translation of legal texts across the world. The Coleman Karesh Law Library has recently added to its significant collection of legal dictionaries. Among the more scholarly dictionaries in the collection are the following:

Dahl’s law dictionary : Spanish-English/English-Spanish

Dahl’s law dictionary : French to English/English to French

Noronha’s legal dictionary : English-Portuguese, Portuguese-Englis

Ying han-han ying shuang xian fa lü ci dian = An English-Chinese and Chinese-English two-way law dictionary

Legal dictionaries on the web include:

English – Chinese Glossaries of Terms Commonly Used in Hong Kong Government Departments

English-Arabic Legal Glossary (Superior Court, Sacramento County, Calif.)

New Blog for IPad Users

Tom Mighell who hosts Inter Alia has set up a new blog for all of you who have just gotten an Ipad. He blogs about what apps to use and other tips on the use of an Ipad. You can find it at the following address: One of the first posts is how to set a strong password.  If you want to check your password, go to How Secure is My Password? ( to see how long it would take a computer to crack it.