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25 Game-Changing iPad Apps for Law Students & Lawyers

I try to keep informed on iPad apps for lawyers. However, there are so many apps proliferating the landscape it is hard to keep up. I received a suggestion from Helene Schmidt as a comment for the article, 25 Game-Changing iPad Apps for Law Students & Lawyers”, recently published at ( ). This is a good article and the apps there work well for law students as well as lawyers. A word of caution, most of the apps that I recommend are free, many of these apps are not free but are very useful.  Review this article and decide which ones are for you if you are an IPad owner and need legal apps for it. [Post-DEL]

Syria — 30th anniversary of Hama massacre in 1982

In February 1982 the Syrian government killed more than 10,000 people in the city of Hama.  Hama today again is a center of opposition to the current Syrian regime. 

For more information on the 1982 massacre, see these resources:

Voice of America story

Hushed voices : unacknowledged atrocities of the 20th century

From Beirut to Jerusalem : updated with a new chapter / Thomas L. Friedman   Chapter 4 of this book deals with Hama, Syria.