Daily Archives: Friday 4 January 2013

LRAW Notes: Welcome Back

Next week we will begin our second semester of Legal Research, Analysis & Writing (LRAW). Throughout the semester you will research federal law, draft persuasive arguments, and develop your legal advocacy skills.

I will begin a new project as well. I will be posting legal research resources, tips and announcements of interest.

Looking forward to a very productive and enjoyable semester.

Legal News of the Day: SCOTUS to Hear Oral Arguments in South Carolina Adoption Case

The Supreme Court agreed this morning to rule on the rights of non-Indian couples to adopt Indian children over the objections of parents who arestate-flag-of-south-carolina tribal members.  The case involves a South Carolina couple, who adopted the daughter of a woman whose father’s tribal membership means the child is also considered to be an Indian.  After raising the child for two years, the couple was forced to give her up after the state court ruled that federal law took precedence over federal law.  SCOTUS will also consider whether the Indian Child Welfare Act defines parent to include an unwed biological father who hasn’t complied with state law rules to attain legal status as a parent.  To check out the briefs in this case, go here.