Great Resources: HeinOnline – Congress and the Courts

heinonline-logoHeinOnline’s Congress and the Courts is now available through Coleman Karesh Law Library’s Electronic Resources. This database focuses on the development and growth of federal courts and the judiciary as a source of original material of congressional fact-finding and decision-making, including legislative intent, testimony and pre-enactment history.

William H. Manz’s “Congress and the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010” is the highlight of the database. Manz’s work is a thorough compilation of materials relating to various Congresses’ concern with the composition and structure of Article III Courts. The database also includes Federal Judicial Center Publications, CFR Title 28 – Judicial Administration, and links to numerous periodicals, scholarly publications and related materials.

In addition to the in-depth resources that reflect how Congress has shaped the role and function of the courts and judiciary, the database includes materials that provide insight into such varied topics as the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence, administration of judicial dockets, and the judicial decision-making process, to cite just a few examples. Overall, this database provides an excellent resource for research into how and why the Federal courts and judiciary function the way they do.

To access the Congress and the Courts library in Hein, go to and select Hein Online.