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Great Resources: HeinOnline – Intellectual Property Law Collection

This sixth installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.


HeinOnline’s Intellectual Property Collection contains numerous current and historical resources for students and researchers alike, including books, periodicals, scholarly articles and government documents. These materials are conveniently organized and easily navigated by means of a menu near the top of the page:


Hein has also provided access to relevant US Code sections and to the CFR, representing not only the current statutes and regulations but encompassing the US Code as far back as 1925 and CFR Title 37 to its 1938 issue.

Looking for patents? The collection includes the USPTO’s Index of Patents (1920-2002) and the August 2012 update to the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure. Researching trademarks?  The 8th edition of the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (October 2011) is available alongside Hein’s other resources. Interested in copyright? This collection includes the Copyright Office Bulletin (coverage from 1789-1985) as well as many scholarly articles discussing such issues as copyright’s interaction with the First Amendment.

Hein also provides a section of legislative histories for further understanding of the field, sorted by publication title, public law number, and popular name. Here you can find information on not only the Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Registration Acts, but also many of the amendments and related acts that have influenced Intellectual Property Law.

To access the Intellectual Property Law Collection in Hein, click here, select HeinOnline under “Legal Search Engines Research,” and select the collection from the list to your left. Happy Researching!

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