Great Resources: HeinOnline – American Indian Law Collection

This eighth installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.

heinonline-logoThe “American Indian Law Collection” database on HeinOnline includes various resources on the subject of American Indian Law throughout history, going as far back as 1678.  Many of the materials included in the database are from the 19th century, and relatively few of them are more recent than the 1970’s.  The resources include not only legislative and constitutional materials, but also textbooks, journal articles, and narrative accounts of specific individuals or specific events, such as American Indians and their part in the Civil War.  There are also suggested reading lists and bibliographies.  The topics covered are extensive, and do not focus on any one particular group, but rather encompass a great many tribes and nations from around the country.  There are even some resources written in Cherokee.  The collection is comprehensive, and there are various browsing options which make it easy to navigate.  The user can search the collection by type of material, and within that, by title or author.

To access the American Indian Law Collection, go to and select HeinOnline.

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