Great Resources: HeinOnline – World Constitutions Illustrated

This ninth installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.


Ever wondered how the U.S. Constitution differs from that of China? of France? Or would you be interested to read the the most recent constitutions of nations such as Iraq or Afghanistan? HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated collection provides access to  constitutional documents from every country worldwide, from Afghanistan all the way to Zimbabwe. These resources are available to browse by either country or document type, and Hein continues to grow the collection through contribution.  One is able to research not only current documents, but historical items as well: including the constitutions of former governments.

In addition to the value such a resource has for both current and historical research, it is also interesting to see what is considered truly important by a society as embodied in that nation’s governing documents. Such may be seen in the preambles to the various constitutions: that of Germany describes the unity of its people, that of Turkey appeals to past leadership as a model for present action, and that of the former USSR extolled its achievement of a socialist society. One may find interesting provisions within the text of the constitutions as well, such as Japan’s Article 9 (which denounces warfare and the maintenance of a conventional military).

This collection also includes other important, influential, or noteworthy government documents; for example, the Ukrainian materials include that nation’s Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union in August of 1991.

To access the World Constitutions Illustrated collection in Hein, click here, select HeinOnline under “Legal Search Engines Research,” and select the collection from the list to your left. Happy Researching!

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