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Great Resources: HeinOnline – U.S. Presidential Library

This eleventh installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.

heinonline-logoU.S. Presidential Library is a resource on HeinOnline that gives users access to a variety of materials dealing with past Presidents of the United States.  The library contains resources having to do with specific presidents, as well as resources dealing with a specific topic as applied to a few or many presidents.  There is a great deal of information about various aspects of Abraham Lincoln’s life, including a book of funny stories Lincoln liked to tell, books about Lincoln’s career as a lawyer, and a memoir written by Lincoln after he had been elected President, but before he took office.  Users have access to a book called “First Ladies of the White House (in Miniature)”, written in 1941 by a woman who created detailed miniature doll-sized versions of each first lady through Eleanor Roosevelt.  The book has a picture of each miniature, with an accompanying brief biography and description of what she is wearing.  The library contains various speeches, including a collection of inaugural addresses through George H.W. Bush, a eulogy of George Washington, and transcripts from the proceedings of the “Great Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson.”  Images of materials and notes from Richard Nixon’s grand jury proceedings are available to view, and there are many additional resources dealing with the Watergate hearings.  These are just a few of the wide variety of materials that are available on HeinOnline’s U.S. Presidential Library, and this is resource would be useful and valuable for performing detailed research on U.S. Presidents, as well as providing lots of interesting materials for anyone who enjoys reading about past Presidents.   Users may browse the resources alphabetically, or may search the database for something specific using a variety of search tools.

To access the U.S. Presidential Library, go to http://www.law.sc.edu/library/limited_access/ and select HeinOnline.

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Legal News of the Day: Supreme Court Says “No” to Arizona Voting Law

On Monday, the Supreme struck down a voter-approved Arizona law requiring prospective voters to prove U.S. citizenship before being to permitted to use the expedited federal “motor voter” registration form. The “motor voter” form allows prospective voters to register while applying for licenses with the state department of motor vehicles.

In addition to Arizona, four other states–Alabama, Kansas, Georgia, and Tennessee–have similar laws that are affected by the Supreme Court’s ruling. Read more about the Supreme Court decision here.