Great Resources: HeinOnline – World Trials Library

This thirteenth installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.

heinonline-logoFor anyone interested in famous trials from around the world, HeinOnline offers the World Trials Library.  This database provides access to trial transcripts and reports from some of history’s most famous and significant trials, such as the trials of Sacco & Vanzetti and Leopold & Loeb, the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, and the Nixon Grand Jury Records, just to name a few.  It also includes several resources relating to the Nuremberg Trials, including Trials of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal and Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression.  The database also features many other significant compilations such as John Lawson’s American State Trials and Howell’s State Trials.  These trial transcripts, reports, and records can provide invaluable insight into the various subjects with which these trials were concerned, as well as how the attorneys handled these difficult cases.

HeinOnline has also included over 1,300 scholarly articles related to these famous world trials, as well as biographies of some of the most famous trial attorneys, including Max D. Steuer and James Horace Wood.

To access the World Trials Library, go here and select HeinOnline.

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