Great Resources: HeinOnline – American Law Institute Library

This eighteenth installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.

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HeinOnline’s American Law Institute Library houses a comprehensive collection of influential publications such as the Restatements of the Law, Model and Uniform Codes or Acts, as well as other materials like the ALI Annual Reports. As a helpful foreword to the collection points out, the majority of these items are either out-of-print editions or were never published/never widely distributed (such as internal drafts). The collection thus allows a researcher to peruse a neatly organized set of documents that give additional insight into the formulation and development of ALI initiatives. This collection also contains ALI-ABA collaborative publications and various other ALI works.

A few examples of the resources available include the text of the Uniform Commercial Code (complete with comments, 2011-2012), as well as the Model Penal Code (through the 2011 Tentative Draft). The ALI Reporter is available from vol. 1 – 33 (1978/1979 – 2010/2011), and it is an interesting window into the happenings within the Institute and which areas of law have been or are being considered for ALI projects.

To access the American Law Institute Library in Hein, click here, select HeinOnline under “Legal Search Engines Research,” and select the collection from the list to your left. Happy Researching!

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