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Great Resources: HeinOnline – Canada Supreme Court Reports / Revised Statutes of Canada

heinonline-logoThis twenty-eighth installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.

HeinOnline provides two excellent resources for researching Canadian law. The first, Canada Supreme Court Reports, is made up of over 9,400 decisions of the Canadian Supreme Court. The reported cases cover not only the current series, printed in English and French, but also encompasses older volumes. This database includes volumes spanning from 1876 – 2012. A quick look inside one of these books reveals many of the interesting differences and similarities in law reporting between Canada and the U.S. (such as the side-by-side printing of bilingual reports and a 1923 volume’s use of “and” instead of “v.” between party names).

The second source, Revised Statutes of Canada, is a relatively small database compared to many of the others available in Hein, however that is not to say that the coverage is any less comprehensive. This database includes over 48,000 pages of Canadian statutory law, covering “all six revisions.” These volumes are organized by edition and year.

To access the Canada Supreme Court Reports and the Revised Statutes of Canada  collections in Hein, click here, select HeinOnline under “Legal Search Engines Research,” and select the collection from the list to your left. Happy Researching!

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