Daily Archives: Wednesday 4 September 2013

Looking for Study Space?

Miss out on a carrel during the 2L/3L lottery? Didn’t snag one of the only two carrels for 1Ls that were up for grabs at LibraryFest? Tired of fighting the crowds on the first floor of the library every day?

No worries! The library has tons of great study space on every floor. Check out these great semi-private carrels on the second, third, and fourth floor of the library.

image (3)  image  photo

With just a short trip up the stairs or elevator, you can have your own space and dominate the Commerce Clause in perfect peace.

If you’ve got a couple friends with you, you can also grab one of the study rooms upstairs, as well. Preference is given to groups of 3 or more so gather your study group and getting studying!