Great Resources: HeinOnline – Kluwer Law International Journal Library

This forty-fourth installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.

heinonline-logoWolters Kluwer is a leading global information services and publishing company.  Through the Kluwer Law International Journal Library, HeinOnline provides access to 21 titles, including Air and Space and Business Law Review.  The collection is particularly useful to those researching aspects of international and comparative law, as well as international business issues.  Some of the titles that may be of interest to a researcher in these areas include the Global Trade and Customs JournalArbitration International, Asian International Arbitration Journal, and European Business Law Review.

This collection allows for full-text searching, as well as field searching, and researchers can search the entire collection or only specified titles.  This allows the researcher to find articles quickly and efficiently within the collection.

To access the Kluwer Law International Journal Library, click here and select HeinOnline under Legal Search Engines Research.

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