Great Resources – HeinOnline: U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection

heinonline-logoThis fifty-fifth installment continues our series on HeinOnline’s digital collections.

HeinOnline’s database “U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection” is a resource that contains information, including government documents, Commission reports, hearing transcripts, and other various materials generated by or pertaining to the operation of the Attorney General’s office and the Department of Justice, as well as other Federal.  There are items from as far back as the 1860’s, including the department’s “Opinion on the Constitutional Power of the Military to Try and Execute Assassins of the President,” from 1865; and “Opinions of the Confederate Attorneys General,” from 1861-1865.  There are a number of items from the 1960’s and 1970’s, and only a few from more recent years.  There are a number of transcripts of confirmation hearings of past attorney general nominees.  The sources are listed in alphabetical order; it would be more logical to arrange them in chronological order.  The volumes can be searched by citation, or by keywords.

To access the Index to U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection, click here and select HeinOnline under Legal Search Engines Research.

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