Superheroes and the Law

lawandthemultiverseMy new favorite read (nerd alert!) is the Law and the Multiverse Blog, which contemplates the legal ramifications of events happening in comic books and super hero movies.

Most recently, they’ve been delved into issues like whether Tony Stark and Bruce Banner could be held liable for the damage caused by Ultron and questioned whether Thor is an illegal immigrant.  Previous posts have considered issues stemming from the Walking Dead, Lara Croft, and Orphan Black, among others.

Check it out!

Looking for a Good IP Blawg?

I am particularly interested in Intellectual Property topics and IPWatchdog [http://ipwatchdog com/] is a great blog for those who share a similar interest.  This blog contains articles and blog posts on the entire range of IP issues. It has been selected as one of the ABA’s top 100 blogs. If this is your area of interest this blog is for you. [DEL]

From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the traffic is terrific

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the most-traveled weekends of the year. (See )

If you’re faced with a flight delay or other inconvenience this weekend, put the time to good use by participating in the administrative rulemaking process to help make airline travel more accessible for people with disabilities! No, really. Did you know that the public is invited to comment on proposed administrative regulations before they are put into effect? Your knowledge and feedback can help shape agency regulations to create the best solution possible.

Administrative rules are frequently complex and difficult to understand. One group, the Cornell e-Rulemaking Institute is working to change that. Their site, Regulation Room takes selected proposed rules, breaks them down to make them easier to understand, and then works to engage and educate the public to facilitate informed discussion. Regulation Room was selected as by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as its open-government flagship initiative and received a Leading Practices Award by the White House after a government-wide review of such projects.

In 2010, Regulation Room worked with the DOT to help make decisions about Airline Passenger Rights. Their current rule involves airline travel accessibility standards for people with disabilities. Check-in kiosks and airline websites are frustrating enough–can you imagine trying to navigate one if you had visual, hearing, or mobile disabilities? What if you couldn’t physically reach the check-in kiosk or read the instructions on the screen? So while you’re waiting in the airport this weekend, pop on over to Regulation Room and have your say.


(full disclosure: I worked as a Research Assistant for CeRI during the 2009-2010 school year.)

New IPad Blog

If you are one of the many new devotees that have added an IPad to their other electronic devices, then you should check out this blog. IPAD4LAWYERS, contains all of the information that you need to make your IPad extraordinarily useful. Many of the apps that I listed in my previous post (Top Ipad Apps for Lawyers, Jun 22, 2011)  are here as well as a lot of other applications and tools. Additionally,  there are how-to guides  and suggestions for uses of the IPad  that are really helpful. Add this site to your list of places to go for help and information in getting to know your IPad. [DEL]


Top Ipad Apps for Lawyers

The rise of the Ipad and Iphone has changed the way lawyers are getting legal materials. Here are the top 20 free and pay apps for lawyers. To review the list go to  Mobile technology is changing the way we do a lot of things in communication and research. Check out these recommendations and see if they will work for you. You can also look at The Greatest American Lawyer blog which has another list with many of the same recommendations. Either site will get you started. [DEL]

Education Law Blog

Inter Alia posts a lot of new blogs.   Here is one that I think should be spotlighted. Education Law Review, a blog that provides education law and policy information and analysis. Kent Talbert maintains this blog. He posts and information on Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Title IX, Accreditation, Civil Rights, Sexual Harassment, Higher Education Regulations and more. If this is your area,  then here is a blog to add to your list for updates and discussion. [DEL]

Research Guide Blog

This is an interesting concept; a blog that operates as an update for a research guide. The blog tracks the research guide and shows all of the changes that have been added. It also gives explanations to the resources on the guide. The research guide is  Zimmerman’s Research Guide (  It has been around for a long time and most of us use it as a designated resource for legal research. It was created by Andrew Zimmerman. His new blog is called the ZRG Blog (  It looks like a great adjunct to his research guide. [DEL]

Blog Law Blog

Here is another blog that is a very good source of commentary and interesting legal information.   I peruse recommended blog lists and one that I find a lot of good sources is Inter Alia.  Tom Mighell is good at picking interesting blogs. One that he likes and I do too is Blog Law Blog, This is a very thought provoking blog that contains a variety of interesting legal news, legal cases, and legal items gathered from various law blogs. This is a great compendium of legal topics. [DEL]

Looking for a Good Law Librarian Blog?

Michelle Crosby from North Carolina Central School of Law Library has a great blog for law librarians, User Education in Law Librarianship Blog.  The blog promotes itself as “…designed to relay information to law librarians and people working in law libraries to share and develop ideas that help us teach and reach our patron base.” There are a lot of good posts here and links to research guides. One of the better guides is a list of research guides from all ABA accredited law schools. The law school guides cover the gamut of topics. Some of the  law school guides are quite comprehensive; while others are not as complete or up to date. However, it is a good list to work with in your search for information.

This guide and three other guides, PowerPoint How Tos, Guide to Better Google Searches, and  SSRN Guide are collected at: [DEL]

Specialized Legal Blogs

I follow a number of websites that recommend blogs. Inter-alia is one of my favorites.  Here is a blog that Tom Mighell recommends and I like a lot.  I will be posting several of these blogs for you to watch for specialized areas of law. First, here is a blog of interest for those of you in the arena of sports law.  

 Sports in the Courts, is a blog for you. It follows litigation in the sports world.  For an example, it covers the South Carolina lawsuit that alleges negligence for failure to warn the plaintiff of alligators in the golf course ponds.  It also covers all major lawsuits in the sports such as the Ole Miss Football player who died after an offseason workout,  Roger Clemens legal problems regarding conflict of interest of his lawyer, and Barry Bonds’ perjury trial.   There is much more.  Check it out for interesting sports and the law information. (DEL)